Art Bites – Magnets for your life

Art Bites – Magnets for your life

I have amassed quite a collection of rubber stamps over the years.  They are primarily used on polymer clay for shrines embellishments and other items.  But now I’ve found a new way to show them off. Introducing Art Bites, art magnets for your life! 

The Process

This idea came to me as I was thinking of additional accents I could add to the shrines. What if I used the stamps in a way to utilize my new favorite art supply, Inktense blocks?

I decided to try them on porcelain tiles. The colors of the blocks were so intense and I was already in love with the stamps and the results were great! However, I soon found out that the non-porus tiles were prone to smearing no matter what I did. I was determined to fix that. I finally landed on the perfect solution after much experimentation.

Two styles of tile were born.

The first starts with a stamped image, is colored with inks and gold leaf pens, then sealed with a high gloss glaze that really highlight the details. And the colors (obsessed)!  To finish off the edges they’re wrapped with copper tape (used in stained glass work) and aged with a patina solution. Lastly the addition of a gem (or two) is the final touch for added sparkle and fun!


Another version, which I refer to as “Remnants”, incorporates cast off tiles from previous projects. Nothing was wrong with them, maybe they didn’t fit or had turned out a different color, but I had a bunch just collecting dust. I was able to add these as dimensional pieces to the magnets. First the base tiles were decoupaged with graphic papers, gold details were added, coated with a high gloss varnish and wrapped with the copper tape. The polymer art tile is attached after curing to complete the piece.

Throughout the learning process I found I could add a bit of crackle medium creating some cool grungy looks as well (see sun pictured). I think I’m going to make more grungy pieces, I just love the texture and how they look ancient!

When I originally started out with this project, I was just playing with ideas I wanted to incorporate into my shrines but a friend grabbed one and declared it must be a magnet! And then left with said tile in her possession. 

I like to think of them as “art bites”. Little bits of colorful happiness to brighten your day when you see it attached, perhaps, to your fridge holding up some cherished momento (or the grocery list). Or maybe some hang out on your file cabinet at work for something artful to look at. 

But wait! There’s more!

Did I mention that they are designed to work together? The crown can be placed above the moon with the wings on either side to create mix-and-match mini art installations! How cool is that?

However you use them I hope you have as much fun as I have making them!

These magnets can be found at Open Market OC Laguna space 741.

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